Hello ,I'm just work out a simple project using the gazebo 5.0 to let the pioneer2AT robot move around with sickLMS200 .I attempted to let the sickLMS200's blue laser rays to be displayed in the screen .So i set the observer cam's display ray to be true .
So far ,the things works out perfectly .But the observer cam's also display the built-in sonar's laser ray .That seems really bad for me because i need to record a video that only have sickLMS200 laser rays .
I read the Gazebo 4.0 documentation and found out that sonar device was excluded in the pioneer2AT before .But in Gazebo 5.0 ,they are all combined together and I couldn't find any worldfile attributes that manage to disable the sonar device(or at least let the sonar laser ray range to be very small) .
Can anyone tell me how to set it in Gazebo 5.0?Thanks a lot !!

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