The BUMPSTALL code appears to work on the robot. By work, I mean that when I try and move the robot with playerv I no longer recieve a warning that the bumpers are engaged. However, I still cannot make the wheels move.  There is no longer a velocity thresholded error, but the wheels won't turn.
The motors appear to be enabled since the status light is blinking fast. And sometimes they appear to move slightly.  This is happening on two bots and they both work in the Activmedia environment. It still appears to be a sw issue and not hw related.
Has anyone else used player-stage on a p3at-sh? Maybe I should post this question to the list. If someone else got theirs running, perhaps I can dialogue with them. 
I also just found something in the playerv code that was specific for AT and DX. It was defaulted for a DX.  Are there any other portions of the code set up the same way? I am using player 1.6.1??
Stephen Reiman

Reed Hedges <> wrote:

Player 1.6.1 has been working OK on my DX, though I made some minor
fixes to get it to build on the older RedHat system. If I can get my
hands on an AT I'll try it there.

Stephen, how fast is the "STATUS" light blinking when connected with
player? A few times a second, the moters are disengaged. Faster than
you can count, motors are engaged.

The BUMPSTALL thing is nice to have (and I'll test your code in a minute
Brian, it looks ok), but if that works around the problem then Stephen
might have a bumper stuck or shorted, I'd guess.

Also, now I know why the bumper geometry is not in player :) (it's not
in any .p files) I'll add something in that approximates it though.


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