I have checked the bumber connections and they are sat. I also installed player on another robot without doing anything to the bumber system and received the same results.  I would agree that the robot thinks that a bumper has been depressed since it exhibits similar behavior when running activmedia sw and activating a bumper for an extended period of time.
>   As to why ActivMedia"s software works where Player does not, maybe
>   they"re using the BUMPSTALL command to turn off that safety behavior?
>   If so, I could add an option to do the same
Please let me know what I need to add to the current player code to include BUMPSTALL.
If bumper use is a problem with player and p3at-sh, then defaulting them to an "ok" position through the code is a temporary fix I would like to have. thanks.
Stephen Reiman

Brian Gerkey <gerkey@ai.stanford.edu> wrote:
Richard vaughan wrote:
> On 21-Jan-05, at 1:43 PM, stephen reiman wrote:
>> I have tried to enable the motors using the button and also using
>> enable within playerv.
>> Playerv will not allow me to enable the motors, even if I am using
>> gazebo. I can still drive in gazebo (probably because default is
>> motors on). When I try to drive the pioneer with playerv I
>> receive an auditory error beeping that is similar to when the stop
>> button is activated. The bot is working because it can be driven
>> using the activmedia software (which I prefer not to use).
> Can't help with this one I'm afraid. I don't have this problem with our
> P3-DXs.

That's a new one to me, too. Do you get any warnings from Player about
finding the appropriate parameters for your robot? In addition to the
console, check the file debug file ".player" in the directory where you
run Player. Can you get data from the robot (e.g., sonars, bumpers)?

> This is the correct syntax:
> driver
> (
> name "p2os"
> provides ["odometry::position:0" "sonar:0" "power:0" "bumper:0"]
> max_xspeed 20.0
> port "/dev/ttyS0"
> )

Note that max_xspeed is in meters per second, so 20.0 is a bit high.
Fortunately the Pioneer can't go nearly that fast...


Brian P. Gerkey gerkey@ai.stanford.edu
Stanford AI Lab http://ai.stanford.edu/~gerkey

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