Is the pioneer.cfg file that I installed with player 1.6 supposed to work properly with a p3at-sh?   If not, how do I need to setup the file? I have tried to find it in the online manual (which could use a table of contents) and also with in the mailing lists. 
When I try to run a playerv client, I cannot teleoperate and drive the robot around.  The errors I get are:
left wheel: ... velocity threshholded!
right wheel: ... velocity threshholded!
I also get an error from playerv that says:
playerv : error in dev_bumper.c
    get_geom failed : got ERR from request
Does this explain the velocity threshholded error if the player server on the bot thinks that all of the bumpers are engaged?

Again I am using the pioneer.cfg that came with the installation and it recognizes my robot correctly.   Other people have been able to get their pioneer 3s working properly, so I am confident that it is just a sw issue from an inexperienced p-s-g coder. 
Stephen Reiman

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