There is a really weird flicker problem when using logitech cameras with player on the armel OMAP3 beagle board Xm. the problem is os independent.  I have seen it on both ubuntu 10.4 as well as angstrom. It seems that the ioctrl calls from player drivers are incorrectly accessing the mmapped buffers for the v4l2 driver set...  I was wondering if any one else has experienced these issues and what was done to fix them? Once again, it seems to be an arm problem for the beagle board xm with logitech cameras.  I would also like to note that the flickering becomes worse as the image resolution increases, which further attributes to my incorrect access to buffers theory.   Any help or advice that you guys could put out there would be greatly appreciated.

I should probably also note that programs like cheese, and ffmpeg from the command line also work without a problem.  It's only with player on the beagleboard.