I am trying to use the PointGrey Bumblebee stereo camera with Player version 3.0.1
I can get the camera image (the right) with the following configuration file
  name "camera1394"
  provides [ "camera:0" ]
  framerate 15
  mode "640x480_mono"
  bayer "RGGB"
  method "DownSample"
and it looks fine, the refresh and the color are fine.
I try to get the other camera image (the left) copying another similar driver section
providing "camera:1" interface but it did not work.
How it should be the configuration file to get the the left and right images in two separate intefaces ?
I am using
- kernel version 2.6.26-2-686
- libdc1394-22
- libraw1394-11

I will be appreciated if someone could help me
thanks in advance

Gonzalo F. Perez Paina
Centro de Investigación en Informática para la Ingeniería, CIII.
Universidad Tecnológica Nacional. Facultad Regional Córdoba.
Maestro M. López esq. Cruz Roja Argentina. CP X5016ZAA

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