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On Sat, Apr 27, 2013 at 10:02 AM, giorgik <> wrote:

The version of Stage is 4.1.1.
In the method BlockGroup::LoadBitmap( ):
void BlockGroup::LoadBitmap( const std::string& bitmapfile, Worldfile* wf )
PRINT_DEBUG1( "attempting to load bitmap \"%s\n", bitmapfile );

std::string full;

if( bitmapfile[0] == '/' )
full = bitmapfile;
char* workaround_const = strdup(wf->filename.c_str());
full = std::string(dirname(workaround_const)) + "/" + bitmapfile;
free( workaround_const );

char buf[512];
snprintf( buf, 512, "[Image \"%s\"", bitmapfile.c_str() );
fputs( buf, stdout );
fflush( stdout );

PRINT_DEBUG1( "attempting to load image %s", full );

Color col( 1.0, 0.0, 1.0, 1.0 );

std::vector<std::vector&lt;point_t> > polys;

if( polys_from_image_file( full,
polys ) )
PRINT_ERR1( "failed to load polys from image file \"%s\"",
full.c_str() );

FOR_EACH( it, polys )
AppendBlock( Block( this,
Bounds(0,1) ));


fputs( "]", stdout );
calls polys_from_image_file( ) that should create the space occupied by the
figure cave.png (if use This piece of code does not appear in
2D/3D graphics window (perspective off / on).
It also does not display the partition walls of the room cave.png ()
displaying only the outer walls of the room cave.png. What function creates
the interior walls of the room cave.png ?

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