Use the hokuyo_aist driver for these lasers.
On Thu, 25 Feb 2010 10:47 +0100, "Torbjörn Svangård" <> wrote:
Hi all, and thank you all for your great work with Player/Stage!
My name is Torbjörn Svangård and im a student at Uppsala University, Sweden. Currently i am taking a course that revolves around constructing an autonomous robot. We have a Roomba 534 and a Hokuyo URG-laser.

If i understand things correctly the support for the Roomba 5xx-series is quite new, like in player 3.0.0 (it took me a very long time to find the option "roomba500 true") but the support for the urglaser seems to be removed from this new version of player. Does anyone have any advice for me and my fellow students on how to proceed?

I suppose this mail is a request in some way for the urglaser in Player 3.0.1  ;)

Im very new to the Player/Stage project, new as in a few days... so i might have missed something... btw where is the documentation of the 3.0.1 on the wiki? :)
And yet another thing... is there a forum for Player/Stage development? I haven't found it yet if so...

Kindest regards
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