Hi Matia,

I've had success using mjpg_streamer at 640x480 resolution, 5fps. That provides sufficient quality to see what's going on around me. mjpg_streamer provides an HTTP stream of images that you can view in a browser, or for better performance with VLC and 65ms buffer (open it with the "Open Network..." dialog).


On Fri, Feb 27, 2009 at 2:30 AM, Matia Pizzoli <pizzoli@dis.uniroma1.it> wrote:
Hello folks
I was investigating using player to control a teleoperated robot. So I
need to send the ieee 1394 compressed camera stream over an ip
infrastructure. Using playercam utility from localhost provides
acceptable rates, but using it from a remote host network cannot
deliver a single tcp packet in time :(
Note: I used cameracompress driver, a firewire 400 camera and a 54Mb/s
wireless lan.
I tried to set the playercam option transportation to set it to udp
but it doesn't work (returns an error and exits).
Anyone can suggest a way to obtain a decent streaming with player?

Thank you


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