Thank you, I'll have a look.




From: Arkapravo Bhaumik []
Sent: Monday, September 10, 2012 7:53 PM
Subject: Re: [Playerstage-users] Stage and ROS


Hello Claudio,


ROS fuerte has Stage 4.1.1, the tutorials on stage controllers is designed for ROS electric and ROS diamondback which has Stage 3.2.2. Consider using the one robot tutorial - that should work nicely on ROS fuerte.  Any more issues put it to .


I hope that helps.


Best regards,



On 10 September 2012 20:51, Claudio Carbone <> wrote:


I recently found ROS and started digging around.
Found out there is a stage wrapper, so been following the relevant tutorial
to get that working.
Now my ROS works by itself, and player&stage work by themselves.
Stage doesn't work with ROS though:
if I launch the default roomba world I get errors regarding Laser
e "bitmaps/roomba-stage.png"]
err: Model type laser not found in model typetable
tacks/stage/build/stage/libstage/ CreateModel)
err: Unknown model type laser in world file.
tacks/stage/build/stage/libstage/ CreateModel)

Anyone familiar with ROS?


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