I'm trying to write two client applications. One keeps asking for user input and moves the robot accordingly. While the other continually polls Player for odometry readings. I run the first application and I can see the robot moving within Stage which is good. But when I run the 2nd application, it keeps reporting the x, y, theta data as zero and it's not changing either.
The Player manual implies that this is possible so if you could tell me what I'm doing wrong, it would be appreciated. I don't have the exact source with me since it's on the linux partition but here's the algorithm I'm following.
First application
- create instance of PositionProxy
- get all access
- set the speed
- start the motor
- keep asking for user input
Second application
- create instance of Position proxy
- get read access
- keep printing out the x, y , theta after calls to Read() on the PlayerClient instance