We’ve recently got a Segway RMP and just have everything hooked up together. I have been following Brian Gerkey’s Segway RMP HOWTO at http://playerstage.sourceforge.net/player/segwayrmp/howto.html to test if we gain the control of this beast.


System configuration: Fedora Core 1 with 2.4.22 kernel + Player from CVS dated August 24, 2004 with segway rmp built-in using LapCAN II + segwayrmp.cfg (commented out position3d)


Somehow, I got the following problems.


  1. player started normally, then playerjoy –c foo:6665, player initialized the CAN bus and then

segwayrmp: max_xspeed: 2000     max_yawspeed: 80

            now on client side

                        WARNING: expected 25 bytes of position data, received 49 bytes. Unexpected results may ensue.

            even if we tried to use –k with keyboard using I, J, etc, the robot doesn’t move accordingly.

  1. player hangs while displaying the following message

segwayrmp: shutting down CAN bus …….

  1. playerv will cause the same problem


It seems there are problems with shutting down the CAN bus. Is there any inconsistency between sending and receiving data here? Could someone give me any hint on what could go wrong? Your help is greatly appreciated.