Rumo*r N_e'w,s_:
Onco'log'y M*e.d . I.n+c+. (OTC*: ONC.O) a Can+cer Treatm,en.t Solut-io ns Grou'p is s,a-i_d to h*a'v'e
exp*erienc+ed o.v e_r a 10_00% increa+_se in re venu*es f-o'r t'h'e fis*cal 3.r d quart er end,ing J,u*l y.,
2+0.0_7 co'mpare*d w-i t-h t,h+e pri*or y*e*a'r w'hile fis cal f-ourth quart_er re.sults f+o r 2_0+0'7 a r'e on
tr'ack to ex.ceed t h'i+s yea,rís thir-d qu+arter res.ults.
O,N-C'O add'itio,nally pl*ans to in*creas,e s+ervice offe_ri,ngs whi+ch a+r.e c_urren'tly un*derway..
Don ít w-a*i t f+o-r t_h*e n,e w s to c_o'm+e o,u,t a*n*d l_o's-e t-h'e opportu+nit-y to g-e't in fr-ont of the
genera-l pu.blic. O ncol.ogy M,e,d is in a multibi-lli.on d,ollar in+dust'ry w*h'e.r.e
t-h+e,y a,r+e gain ing m'arket sha-re rapidl_y.
C-a_l_l y,o,u'r b,roker n.o.w f,o'r O+N+C,O .