If you’re trying to set the STAGEPATH or LD_LIBRARY_PATH, then you want to use /usr/local/lib, not /usr/local.  If you’re trying to set the PATH, you’ll need to append /usr/local/bin.  It might help for you to read up on how environment variables work.


I usually these at the end of my ~/.bash_profile (~/.bashrc works too) if I install stuff to /usr/local.




PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$ PKG_CONFIG_PATH:/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig


export PATH




After you add these, you’ll have to run the command “source ~/.bashrc”, or log out and log in again.  You can echo $PATH and echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH to verify the changes.





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Subject: [Playerstage-users] Stuck with .bashrc !


Hi friends

I have been able to install player 3.0.0 and stage 3.2.0 on Ubuntu VM (9.04). However, I am struggling with setting the path using .bashrc ! (I followed http://www.control.aau.dk/~ms/playerstage/playerstage_install ) . My player and stage directory is usr/local .

Can someone please guide me with .bashrc file ?

Much appreciated.

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