I've been working with Player and P3-DX robot, and I have a problem at reading speeds.


When I use the command: playerc_position2d_set_cmd_vel()

I'm writing linear and angular speed.


For example, when I write:


Linear Speed = 0.0

Angular Speed = 1.0


At reading with: playerc_client_read()

I receive:


Linear Speed = 0.0

Angular Speed = 0.9 (This is my problem!, It sould be 1.0 approximately)

When I measure with an oscilloscope in the motor’s encoder, and I do the calculations, I obtain 1.0 approximately.


Why I receive it?

Are there any bug in the Player Server code?


When I use ARIA's lib, I haven't any problem.

When I try this Player code with Stage, I haven't any problem too.

Somebody have the same problem?


Please help me.


Thanks in advance.


Marcelo Salazar