#35 Build libstage.a in MinGW (Windows)

Reed Hedges

This patch has changes that allow Stage to be built on
Windows using MinGW (http://www.mingw.org). See
www.gtk.org/win32 for ports of GTK.

One problem: I deleted the bit in replace.h that
defines 'basename' to be 'gnu_basename'. A comment
stated that this is neccesary for something called
"XPG" that I don't know anything about. So you may
want to re-add this renaming with a more specific macro
or autoconf check for "XPG".

You will also need to add the attached .c files to the
replace/ dir.

Patch applied cleanly to CVS HEAD 6/1/05 except some
minor offsets that patch was able to deal with.


  • Reed Hedges

    Reed Hedges - 2005-06-01

    Patch for Stage on Windows with MINGW.

  • Reed Hedges

    Reed Hedges - 2005-06-01
    • summary: Build in MINGW --> Build libstage.a in MinGW (Windows)
  • Reed Hedges

    Reed Hedges - 2005-06-01

    Logged In: YES

    Amended: It looks like a chopped out everything about poll()
    from replace.h. The GNU replacement won't work on MinGW
    since it relies on a bunch of other networking stuff that
    WinSOCK doesn't have. I found a much simpler implementation
    of poll() which I added to Player's replacement lib, and
    that sort of worked as an alternative but I did not want to
    get too distracted from just getting libstage working well.
    So the Player plugin driver may or may not build in MinGW
    if you add a different poll() implementation to Player.

  • Reed Hedges

    Reed Hedges - 2005-06-01
  • Reed Hedges

    Reed Hedges - 2005-06-01
  • Jeremy Asher

    Jeremy Asher - 2008-08-01
    • milestone: --> 829871
  • Toby Collett

    Toby Collett - 2009-07-23

    Native windows builds should be in 3.2, but moving this to a feature request to make sure its not forgotten

  • Toby Collett

    Toby Collett - 2009-07-23
    • labels: 382482 -->
    • milestone: 829871 -->

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