#31 Alternative ranger sensor with more complexity (fov, noise)

Reed Hedges

Stage only casts one ray for a ranger, which is a
problem with rangers like sonar which have a wide FOV.

I have a poor solution, and will post that patch soon--
cast several rays within the ranger's FOV. A better
solution would to be a full-cone (cone section in 2D
actually) collision detection.

You can assign this bug to me if you want.



  • Richard Vaughan

    Richard Vaughan - 2005-05-03

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    This is a feature request, as Stage very deliberately models rangers as
    only a single ray. My strategy with Stage is to provide the fastest,
    cheapest models that do the job, at the expense of fidelity. Fidelity is an
    ever-retreating target, so historically I have chosen to not try very hard to
    make things realistic, but to capture the essence of what the sensor does
    as cheaply as possible. I'm in favour of multiple-ray rangers as an *option*
    but not by default, and implemented such that it does not slow down the
    single-ray version at all.

  • Richard Vaughan

    Richard Vaughan - 2005-05-03
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    • assigned_to: rtv --> nobody
  • Reed Hedges

    Reed Hedges - 2005-05-03

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    OK. the way I have it for me is to cast some number of rays
    as a function of the FOV and the max range. (so if max
    range is 1 meter and its 30 degrees it throws 5 rays, more
    if max range or fov increases, etc.). I can add
    configurable coefficient in there, and I can add a seperate
    config parameter to enable it. Or I could just have a
    "num_rays" that defaulted to 1 or something. What do you think?

  • Reed Hedges

    Reed Hedges - 2005-12-14

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    Status update,

    This is implemented as described in a patch to the ranger
    model on the patch tracker, and I'm currently updating it
    for 2.0.0a. After that, I think I might create a seperate
    model that implements a more complex sonar simulation which
    applications could add to the model set in addition to or in
    place of the normal ranger.

    If the normal ranger does not really have any field of view,
    perhaps the "fov" configuration should be deprecated in
    favor of just the max. range value? Or at least document
    that the fov angle is not really used.

  • Brian Gerkey

    Brian Gerkey - 2006-02-23
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  • Brian Gerkey

    Brian Gerkey - 2006-02-23

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    Assigning to rtv. Please close if it's been dealt with.

  • Reed Hedges

    Reed Hedges - 2006-02-23
    • priority: 5 --> 2
  • Reed Hedges

    Reed Hedges - 2006-02-23
    • assigned_to: rtv --> reed
    • summary: Ranger sensor: collisions not detected within full FOV --> Alternative ranger sensor with more complexity (fov, noise)
  • Reed Hedges

    Reed Hedges - 2006-02-23

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    I've renamed this feature request, and reduced it's
    priority. At a future date, I'll submit an alternate ranger
    model which is more complex than the normal ranger model.


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