#269 lasercspace driver

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I've found a bug in lasercspace driver.
The problem is that it shortens even those ranges that are out of the maximun range of the original scan, but they are not obstacles to enlarge.
This situation can be shown by using this driver on an open field. The result is not the same as the original scan as spected (because there are no obstacles to enlarge). All the ranges are shortened instead, giving a wrong laser scan.
A simple check over the original scan range (is it really an obstacle or it is out of range) seems to be enough to avoid this problem.


  • Toby Collett

    Toby Collett - 2009-07-23

    are you able to provide a patch for this?

  • Rich Mattes

    Rich Mattes - 2014-02-18
    • status: open --> closed-out-of-date
    • assigned_to: Brian Gerkey --> Rich Mattes
    • Group: --> trunk
  • Rich Mattes

    Rich Mattes - 2014-02-18

    No response, closing.


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