#147 --enable-wheelchair doesn't enable wheelchair in Gazebo0.5.2

gazebo (59)

--enable-wheelchair, --enable-b21r and --enable-atrv
have no effect in configure in gazebo 0.5.2.

This appears to be the reverse bug to the one in 0.5.1,
where --disable did not work. The culprit appears to be
my patch from
which fixes the default-enabled behaviour, but breaks
the default-disabled behaviour.

Attached is a patch to fix the configure script in
0.5.2; apply it with:

bash$ cd /path/to/gazebo-0.5.2
bash$ patch -b configure

I've just tested, and it appears that both
--enable-wheelchair and --disable-clodbuster work...


  • Random Crazy Guy

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    Here's the patch for acinclude.m4 from CVS, with the
    appropriate changes for this bug.

  • Random Crazy Guy

    Patch for Gazebo CVS acinclude.m4 (should also work for 0.5.2)

  • Random Crazy Guy

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    Having just studied the cvs history of acinclude.m4, I think
    I see what Andrew's (inspectorg's) intention was in
    GAZEBO_ADD_MODEL, and as such, I've attached an alternate
    patch for acinclude which reflects that behaviour.

    The final effect is the same, I've left both patches here
    because I don't know which one is considered the "One True
    Way" of Autoconf. :-)

  • Nathan Koenig

    Nathan Koenig - 2008-06-16
    • status: open --> closed

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