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PlayerPRO Player 1.2 is released

It's been a long time, almost a year.

PlayerPRO Player has gone through a lot of changes since its last release, including porting some classes to Swift 2.0.

  • Music lists now store when the music object is added.
  • Music lists aren't limited to only one entry per file.
  • Various bug fixes and general code improvements
Posted by Madd the Sane 2015-10-29 Labels: playerpro player release

PlayerPRO Player 1.0.1

PlayerPRO Player 1.0.1 has been released. This is mainly a bug fix with the following outstanding issues addressed:
PlayerPRO Player no longer crashes when you drag and drop outside files into the music list.
The plug-in info pane, as well as any other string that has customized localization values, should now work correctly.

Posted by Madd the Sane 2014-01-16 Labels: Release PlayerPRO Player

Too long…

It's been too long since a news post. Yes, stuff has been happening. We have moved from SVN to Git, PlayerPROCore 6 is in a fairly stable state for tracker playback, and PlayerPRO Player, which is only a playback app, has been released.

I'm currently in the process of creating an Objective-C wrapper for the PlayerPRO data types called PlayerPROKit.

PlayerPROCore 6.0 has the struct MADDriverRec's data types hidden by default to help dissuade people from accessing it directly, mainly because the size may change due to a change of preprocessor definitions: this is mainly for the benefit of the eventual Linux/UNIX port.

Posted by Madd the Sane 2014-01-11 Labels: Release PlayerPRO Player

PlayerPro SpotLight metadata importer

PlayerPro SpotLight metadata importer:
requires Mac OS X 10.4 or above

Posted by Sandro Bilbeisi 2011-02-20

PlayerPro 5.10 Release Candidate

PlayerPro 5.10 Release Candidate 1 Available !
Thanks mostly to the hard work of Charles W. Betts,

Posted by Sandro Bilbeisi 2011-02-20

import/export plugs working

After a lot of work, the import/export plug-in architecture for Mac OS X is up and working. As it stands, the plug-ins have a .ppimpexp extension and can be accessed from /Library/Application Support/PlayerPRO/Plugins as well as ~/Library/Application Support/PlayerPRO/Plugins . It will also look for them in the application's PlugIns directory. Note, however, that some plug-ins don't correctly byteswap data, so check in PowerPC mode (Rosetta) before saying that Plug-in X doesn't work ( I am aware that AMF might have this issue).

Posted by Madd the Sane 2009-12-15

PlayerPRO code up in svn!

There is now code up in the SVN repository! The code is still in Beta, and plug-ins still don't work. Also, there seems to be some rendering issues with the buttons that needs to be fixed.

Also, sorry for the multiple SVN commits; this is my first time writing to an SVN Repository, and I should have had the directory structure cleaned up a little.

Posted by Madd the Sane 2009-12-07

PlayerPro 5.10 alpha

After a long hiatus, the port of PlayerPro to XCode has resumed.

CVS has been replaced with SVN (code committed ASAP , after we clean up the MacOS resource fork cruft).

New Wiki also going up at :
Please participate.

Posted by Sandro Bilbeisi 2008-01-29

PlayerPRO Wiki coming up !!

I am setting up the database and Wiki on top of
This will allow everyone to contribute content and comments on the PlayerPRO website.
This will be in parallel with the more-or-less static pages of the website
I'm using MediaWiki for this.

Posted by Sandro Bilbeisi 2005-08-18 launch

Dear all,

we've just launched

for the time being, it contains the updated PlayerPRO documentation :

shortly, we will be adding plenty of content, especially the development roadmap to PlayerPRO 6

Best regards,
Sandro Bilbeisi

Posted by Sandro Bilbeisi 2005-06-09

PlayerPRO resurrection

I have activated the PlayerPRO sourceforge site and restored the VersionTracker page:

The site now hosts the app and the source code:

I am also going to upload a few older files.

PlayerPRO will receive a series of bug fixes up to v
and will coexist with the PlayerPRO 6 branch for a while.

I have been hard at work on
- removed the serial number authorisation requirement
- debugging the UMX import/export plug-in
- changed the About Box to reflect the new version and nature
- modified the documentation to reflect its Open Source, Public Domain nature and changed all site references to SourceForge... read more

Posted by Sandro Bilbeisi 2005-06-01