Compiling pG?

  • Frank Plohmann

    Frank Plohmann - 2004-07-09

    I tried to compile the current CVS version in Eclipse 2.1 (Windows) but at the moment I have no idea hoe to do it.

    Why isn't there an Eclipse project file included?

    Any hints how to get pG CVS into Eclipse to be able to compile it?

    • David Burnett

      David Burnett - 2004-07-09

      I'm using Eclipse 3 but I think this should work for Eclipse 2 too.

      I'm assuming that you have the JDT installed so you can create
      Java projects. If not you'll need that from from the Eclipse

      The way I do it is

      check out the planetGenesis module from CVS
      Create a new Java project using the create project at external location
      choose the planetGenesis folder created by the CVS download as the location.
      Click finish and you're almost there.

      It the project setting, go to the library tab
      and add external jars. Here you need to add the
      java3D stuff...


      While you're in there, make sure it picked up the current
      JRE library and not an old one that was laying around.

      OK that and it should rebuild and compile the project
      ready to run..

      To do it the 'proper way' which always causes me problems.

      Create a new project using the from CVS option




      password should be left blank

      Connection Type

      The module you want is planetGenesis note the capital G

      Check out as a project using the New project wizard

      Select the HEAD tag

      Choose finish, you should go back to the start of
      the wizard

      This time choose Java project, create in a workspace using the project name
      of choise, I use planetGenesis.

      It the project setting, go to the library tab
      and add external jars. Here you need to add the
      java3D stuff...

    • Frank Plohmann

      Frank Plohmann - 2004-07-10

      Thanks! The first way runs quite well, but if I try the second one I cannot get it compiled. Eclipse shows many errors especially in the Utitilies directory.

      It seems there are two different versions of the PNGFactory in the reository. Mabye this causes the problems in the second approach.

    • David Burnett

      David Burnett - 2004-07-10

      It is, and it was a case insensitivity thing. and it should all now be fixed. The error where due (well in my case) to
      eclipse hitting the error and then bailing out with out checking to half the code :-)

      Now I can do a CVS check out from the developers CVS in Eclipse. It may take a while to propagate to the anonymous mirror.


    • Frank Plohmann

      Frank Plohmann - 2004-07-10

      Yes, it works now! Thanks!

      BTW. I haven't found any "j3dsupport.jar" file to add it to the projects libraries, but it compiles and runs very well.


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