PlaneShift 3d mmorpg 0.4.01 released!

The new client for the free 3d fantasy mmorpg PlaneShift is now available for Windows, Linux and MacOSX. Download it from the project home page

New Features:
- Support for fires, including campfires and torches.
- Customizable Chatbubbles (alignment, text colour, etc)
- Maps can be named, just like books.
- An Identification Skill is now needed to view the quality of items.

Removed Features: (We have so many features now we can actually start removing those players don't like!)
- Disabled the introduction system until a better thought-out system is available.

- New torch item with smoke and fire effects.
- A cosy campfire, don't burn yourself!
- The female version of the Nolthrir race is available!
- Find the odd Riverling. Surprisingly, it's a creature found near rivers.
- Discover the deary Kormi. (I heard they taste good, but you didn't get that from me.)
- An additional interior for guild halls
- Many updates to existing maps for improved quality and athmosphere.
- More maps use the lighter2 system for shadows and lighting now
- New new icons for all armours.
- Many new crafting icons.
- A few new boxes for keeping your jewellery in.
- Some new rings to put in those handy jewellery boxes!
- Some new fruits and pies.
- A few new sacks, for keeping those fruits and pies.
- Empty potion bottle. Good for containing air in case you need it.
- Another barrel. Nice for keeping around large quantities of beer.

- Systemic increases to all quest rewards.
- All named NPCs now have one quest a piece.

Changes That Have Been Made.
- Changed the container view so you can view all items in it at once.
- Resizing windows now works much more intuitive, especially in the case of the menu bar.
- Players are now warned on-screen when locking/unlocking their locks and houses.
- Better on-screen feedback in case a character is overloaded from weight.
- Crafting Books are now displayed with another font for better readability.

- The first user who edits a books will now be the author, not the buyer. This means you can now buy blank books for delivery or as presents.
- You can now only save user-made books to disk. Crafting books and Settings-made books are off-limits.
- Books are now saved in the personal user folder as well, not in the installation directory.
- Loading self-made books into the game now allows books longer than 3000 characters.
- You can now use % in your texts.

- Guarding: If you drop a sack, only you can add items to it. If you add items to an unguarded sack, you will guard the sack and the item.
- You can no longer drop more than 64 coins at a time into the world.
- Players now need a minimum of 24 hours online until they can propose marriages.
- Character Creation: Parents last names now required.

Quests & Events:
- You can now discard events, just like quests.
- Remainders of /quests command fully removed, it is /show quest to show the Quests & Events window.

- Advisors can now give short answers such as "use /unstick" without being bothered.
- A new "/advisor_list" command to show how many advisors are online
- You now need a minimum of 30 hours online to become an advisor.

GMs & Devs: ("Yes, we finally have our own changelog category!")
GMs vs. Magic:
- You no longer need to use /admin after login to enable GM options. You can still use it to list available commands.
- The instantcast flag enables you to cast all spells without having necessary skills and glyphs.
- GMs can now cast spells on any target, friend or foe.
- The infinitemana flag actually works now
GMs vs. Advisors:
- GMs can now ban/unban advisors.
- GMs can now view all advisor <-> advisee communications.
- GMs are now advisors by default.
- The "/advisor_list" command shows the names of the advisors for GMs as well.
GMs vs. Players:
- The commands "/giveitem" and "/takeitem" can how be used to give/take tria as well. You can also use the parameter "all" to remove all money from a player.
- You can now view the position of an offline character using /info
- You can now use the command "/listwarnings" to view the warnings of specific online or offline characters.
- If you check a player's stats you can now also view his buffs/debuffs.
- The command "/divorce" actually works now
GMs vs. Items:
- Money can now only be spawned using the "/money" command, not using "/item".
- Both the item spawning window and the /item command now spawn items to your inventory, not in the world.
- The "/crystal" command for making "item spawns" can now be given a random, an amount and a range parameter.
- It's no longer possible to give user-personalised items as rewards in events.
- Items that have a custom name (using /setitemname) now keep their name after trading.
GMs vs. Quests:
- Changes to the /quest command:
- Syntax is now "/quest [discard|complete]" rather than "/quest [0|1]"
- GM2+ can now list other players quests, but cannot change them.
- It now complains at you if you don't have access to list/change other players' quests, rather than listing/changing your own instead.
GMs vs. Other Stuff.
- You can now use "/settrait list" to list all traits for a given race.
- The "/settrait" command now applies traits on the entire body, not just the head. Previously you had to relogin to view all changes.
- The command "/setskill" doesn't crash your client anymore when given too high level value.
- The command "/killnpc" now works with "pid:#", "eid:#", or "NPC name"
And last, but certainly not least:
- Many improvements to the PlaneShift WebConsole, to aid Settings dept.

- Switched to Crystal Space 3D Engine version 1.4 which includes many bug fixes, improvements and new features.
- Better collision detection system should get less players/NPCs stuck.
- Many many performance improvements to the Client, Server and NPCclient.
- Huge changes to the networking system.
- Lots of work on the updater and the pslaunch project.

- Improvements to mouserun vs. clicking in the GUI.
- You can now consume multiple items (food, potions) via the inventory window, just as you could before via commands.
- /who now displays as many players as possible instead of just 30.
- Players can now disable shadows in-game.
- The guild MotD is now limited to 200 characters instead of 150. If you use more than 200 characters, you will get a warning now.
- When a person is invited into a guild, the welcoming message also displays the inviter.
- You can't add NPCs to your buddy list anymore. Sorry Harnquist!
- The anti-cheat module now does its work better. Beware!

Bugs That Have Been Fixed:
- Fixed the issue where the contents of a persons inventory would become invisible.
- Females now have their last name properly restored after a divorce.
- The command "/list_advice_request" doesn't crash your client anymore.
- Female Dermorians no longer crash if a helmet is present.
- Fixed item ownership issues during crafting.
- Fixed the enter key not responding on Mac OS.
- Many fixes to collision detection for NPCs and players.
- Attempting to attack an item with your pet no longer crashes the server.
- Armor will be properly removed from the body if dequipped.
- Some fixes to the /marriage divorce command for players.
- Fixed a major money exploit.
- Some spell bugs fixed.
- You can now actually change the leadership of an alliance to other players.
- Renamed characters now show up with their new name in the Guild's Member List window.
- When sorting spells in the spell book, alls spells show their correct descriptions now.
- Some small fixes to the shortcut and chat windows.
- Tooltips on mouse-over in the inventory now works better.
- In maps, you can no longer drag map objects past the canvas border.
- Many crash fixes!

Posted by Luca Pancallo 2008-07-02

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