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Plandora In a Nutshell

Very often we receive feedbacks from people using Plandora around the world or asking about the features or the project roadmap. We receive an email of somebody asking about some specific points. The person was preparing an evaluating study to choose a project management tool that best fit with their business reality.

We have noticed that the questionnaire could be used for other people in the same situation. So we decided to share with you!

Open Source

Yes. GPL and LGPL

Document Management

Yes. Plandora has integration with SVN. You can use Plandora like a viewer for your repository, or even to "expose" some items of your repository to your customer thru Plandora "customer form". Besides that, It also possible to create artifacts thru Plandora and "commit" it directly into your repository. This artifacts could be eventually created based to a document template. This mechanism help the company to put all document process and workflow into document templates published into Plandora.

Project Scheduling

Yes. Plandora has an embedded Gantt Chart that helps the project manager to control and adjust the project tasks. Besides that, the project manager could create tasks using an Agile Board form (inspired at a Scrum Task Board) or based on a pre-defined workflow. Each task could be assigned to a project resource and optionally linked with a project requirement or an iteration.

Project Portfolio Management

Plandora contains a KPI panel. Each KPI could be customized by the root user through a SQL statement and will be linked with one or more projects. After that, each KPI will be automatically generated by Plandora every day. This flexibility make the activity of project portfolio analysis in Plandora more compliance with the business needs.

Resource Management

Plandora contains a resource capacity form to edit the planned capacity and cost varying by resource, project and time. It is also possible, through Plandora reports and gagedts, to compare the planned and actual capacity of each resource.

Budget tracking

Plandora contains a form to include costs and expenses for each project. Each cost, has a pré-defined "state machine" that can be used to check which ones were paid or were budgeted. Also, the resources can assign extra expenses using a specific form that is automatically sent to project manager to approve.

Simple Reporting towards CSV

All grids of the tool can be exported to CSV.

Security Compliance

The native version of Plandora contains a weak authentication method (internal DB) or a LDAP integration. But the Plandora architecture allows a Java developer extends the Plandora authentication interface and implements whatever security method.

Cost / License Model

Plandora is under GPL/LGPL. It is TOTALLY royalties free.

Possibility of Single Sign On (AD/LDAP)

Yes for LDAP. Integration with Active Directory is still in the road map.

Database Used

The native version of Plandora is MySQL. But we've seen deployments of Plandora under PostgreSQL working perfectly. Since version 1.13.0 Plandora change the DB integration to able a direct JDBC connection.

Maxium Users/Project

Undefined. Depends on your server potential ;-)

Software Maturity (Years introduced)

Since 2004


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