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How to Check-out the Plandora Project

The Plandora team appreciates when more developers join to project to contribute and improve the knowledge. The steps below teaches you to check-out the project from sourceForge server into your machine.
This tutorial was written assuming that your development environment contains: Windows platform, Eclipse 3.0 or higher and Tomcat 5.0.27 or higher.

  • Keep the Eclipse closed and go to the site: and download the Tomcat plug-in. This component will create a bridge between Eclipse (Plandora source-code) and Tomcat (Plandora deploy). It is will be useful in development time specially during code debugging.

  • After install the plug-in, you should setup it. Open the Eclipse and go to: Window - Preference - Tomcat. The only thing to do is to adjust the field that contains the reference to Tomcat home folder in your machine. Besides, in the Eclipse screen menu 3 icons must appear (3 "little cats" icons used to Start, Stop and Restart the Tomcat).

Tomcat Icons

  • Create a user into sourceForge (if you don't have one) and add yourself into the project. The project leader must approve it (note: you have to be approved only if you want commit into Plandora repository).

  • Then, open the Eclipse and SVN perspective. Create a new "Repository Location" using the following configuration:

    svn+ssh://[your sourceForge user]
    svn://[your sourceForge user]
  • Click over the Repository Location that you have just created. Eclipse must display the authentication popup.

  • After authentication, right click over the repository location label select "Check Out"

Checkout procedure

  • The process of download depends on your internet connection, but is made only once. At the end, the Plandora will be a project into your Eclipse.

  • Then, some additional configuration is necessary. Go to Menu Window -> Preference -> Ant -> Runtime -> (tab) properties

  • Set the property my_source with the path where your source-code is placed in your machine. (ex.: D:\projects\src\plandora)

  • Set the property tomcat_home with the path where is the Tomcat into your machine (ex.: C:\jakarta-tomcat-5.0.27)

  • Go to Menu Project -> Properties Java Build Path -> (tab) Libraries and press the button "Add JARs...". Add all libs of project. (folder lib)

  • To compile the source-code, click with right button over the build.xml file and select "Run" - "Ant Build...". The project must compile without errors and will copy the WAR file to the path of tomcat that you specified previously.

  • Finally, click over the icon to start the Tomcat (little cat icon)

Build Procedure

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