Alberto Pereto - 2012-01-12

We've received a contact from somebody in Swiss that was facing some problems to install Plandora (Tomcat) at Fedora 15. The solution is below. The Plandora installation page was updated:

_"Hi, I was struggling with the installation of Plandora under fedora 15. The fedora tomcat packages (tomcat-7.0.23-1.fc15.noarch, ….).

I got the error:
javax.naming.NamingException: Could not create resource factory instance

==> the package …/tomcat/lib/tomcat-dbcp.jar was missing.
(thanks to:

I found the missing package in the installation zip from, extracted it and placed it into …/tomcat/lib. Restarted tomcat
This would be a nice hint in:
many thanks"_