yhs - 2004-05-11

This is a TEST release and is good for testing only.
Please test it with a bunch of files and errors and report any results
(include the pkt.log files with your message) on the pkt.sf.net forum.
This release has the following limitations (will be removed soon) :
- no encryption/decrpytion/compression/decompression
- all packets generated are saved uncompressed
- no optimizations...will be slow
- fixed parity generation (8.5% protection) with fixed LDPC matrix
- all directories specified are scanned recursively
Some improvements over parchive :
- No packet number limitations
- No concept of volumes .. every packet found will be recursively processed
- Simpler archive format with no limitations
- Potentially faster algorithm
- More optimal algorithm (approaches within 0.5db of theoretical limits)
- Smaller memory footprint
Download at : http://pkt.sf.net
Requires : Java 1.4 on any platform.
Usage :
java -jar pkt.jar
mkdir test
copy testfiles test
java -jar pkt.jar parity 23ldpc2 1 ./test
move *.pkt test
java -jar pkt.jar rebuild ./test
All feedback/bug reports are appreciated. Please send it all to the this forum.