yhs - 2005-01-31

Fixed security problem in mindterm PRNG using secure RNG
Fixed problem with spinlock state in multithreading
Added manual spinlock control to menu system
Modified mindterm to include SSH Compression
Added SSH2 support via JCTerm
Added SSH2 FTP support
Added JZLib compression engine
Added JCSH SSH2 Libraries
Added command line execution system
Added output directory/prefix option for rebuild, decode, decrypt and decompress
Added file finder in GUI interface (text editor)
Added warning notice for badly behaved and/or buggy JVMs
Added Virtual Keyboard utility
Updated CLI help text for file prefix/output directory option
Optimized AES-256bit cryptography engine (25-28% faster on average)
Added optimized AES-128bit Encryptor/Decryptor
Added Find/Replace in text editor
Added blowfish crypto algorithm (128-bit) with full 448-bit key capability
Added crypto selector in GUI & CLI
Fixed activation bug.
Added text editor
Added view console
UI cleanups
Added legacy archiver for standard archive formats
Added TAR.GZ compression, decompression and listing support
Added TAR.BZ2 compression, decompression and listing support
Added TAR compression, decompression and listing support
Added ZIP/JAR compression, decompression and listing support
Fixed Wipe UI bug
UI cleanups
Parity UI bug fixed
Added conversion tool
Added quit with log cleanup
UI cleanups.
Basic utility package added
Added World Time Clock utility
Added Calendar utility
Added Scientific Calculator utility
Added mini Web Browser for online help.
Added optimized AES 128 bit encryption code (not enabled yet).
Implemented 8K read buffers on small reads. Minor performance enhancement
Added Hex Editor
Added Hex Editor tools including convertor and diff / merge functions
Invalid args now shown on the CLI
Added right click for file info in file box
ISNetworks/Mindbright MindTerm GPL code chunk updated, bugfixed and snapin added
VNC (Virtual Network Computing) available from GUI
SSH (Secure Shell) available from GUI
SCP (Secure Copy) available from GUI
STUN (Secure tunnels) available from GUI
Added Department of Defense standard 5220.22-M (CLEAR) file shredding system
Added copy with merge functionality
PKT Engine version now passed in bridge
CRLF bugfix with filter args
JWS patch for proper Java Web Start deployment
JDOM upgraded to the latest (0.9) from (0.8)
GUI is now fully multithreaded/multitasking
Concurrent parity and encryption/compression directory scan errors fixed
Decode/Decrypt/Rebuild now allocated properly
Added CRLF filter to GUI
Removed unnecessary check for xml and gif files (thinlet auto-resolves)
Fixed bug in decrypt terminate on invalid password fix.
Updated GUI button placement
Added right click for viewing pkt contents in GUI file box
Added multiple rebuild+decrypt
Fixed decrypt terminate on invalid password
Added save directory for decode file output
Added change root dir function in GUI
Added XUL based GUI using thinlet library (thinlet.sf.net)
Added Engine bridge interface for plugging in different engines/UIs
Added modular logging and bidirectional comms to bridge interface.
Added regular CLI
Added error mode CLI with no log output
Added hash functionality
Added variable packet size for variable ldpc parity decoding
Removed old LDPC fixed size m=23 parity decoder and encoder
NOTE: old parity files are no longer compatible with 0.7
      Use pkt 0.7 or later only as the new encoder is much better
Modified options to include ascii or binary packets
Modified command line help
Added CRLF filter
Added decryptor framework
Added decompressor system
Improved command line help
AES plugin tested ok
BZIP2 plugin tested ok
Parity check plugin tested ok
Fix in UUEncoding plugin array for 60 byte boundary case
Added enhanced command line options
Added AES encryption system (256-bit, FIPS-197 compatible)
Added BZIP2 data packet archiving system
Parity check is more robust for bursty errors
File packet scanner speed improvements
Initial Release