Tearom - 2005-06-11

I am not familure with this project nor its author.  I would like however to point out a possible conflict in its naming.  PKLite is a registered trademark product name of PKWare Inc. Seeing how this is an active on market product, they may take issue with the use of the name (couriously spelled the same with the same capital letters).  For further verification please visit http://www.pkzipstore.com/dr/v2/ec_MAIN.Entry10?SP=10023&PN=1&V1=371149&xid=39892&CID=0&DSP=&CUR=840&PGRP=0&CACHE_ID=0

LOL granted Phil Katz was a crazy old coot, but the succsessors of PKWare are likely to attempt some kind of action once they see your product publically avaliable on BetaNews.com