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LibreOffice on Solaris 11 and OpenIndiana Hipster - SFE spec-files-extra

We now have LibreOffice 4 in the spec-files-extra repository. You can build it on your own for Solaris 11 or OpenIndana Hipster. Or you can go to one of the binary IPS package repositories (e.g. http:/ and just install it.

If you have questions, please drop us a note or come to the IRC channel #pkgbuild on

Posted by Thomas Wagner 2015-11-30

pkgbuild 1.3.98 release

This release supports both SVr4 and IPS.

Version 1.3.98:

Bugs fixed:

\- legacy actions are now added to IPS manifests, so pkginfo
  recognises that the packages are installed.
\- handle errors running pkg\(1\)
\- fix detecting whether the user has permission to install packages

- Requires: /path/to/file now works for IPS packages as well,
detects if the file was installed with IPS or pkgadd and
adds the matching dependency
- use wget option to disable checking ssl certs so that automatic
download of https works (--sslcheckcert=0 or --no-check-certificate
depending on the wget version), reported by Ghee Teo... read more

Posted by Laszlo (Laca) Peter 2009-02-22

pkgbuild 1.3.1 bugfix release

pkgbuild version 1.3.1 is here.

Changes in this release:

Bugs fixed:

\- \[ 1953614 \] write to single datastream

\- \[ 1953613 \] print filename of file stream written to

\- allow installation if the user has either the Software
  Installation or the Primary Administrator profile.  Also
  verify that they are not masked by Basic Solaris User.

\- stop using c99 features in pkgdbgrep.c

\- kill perl warnings for undefined variables in --dumprc
  \(reported by Andras Barna\)... [read more](/p/pkgbuild/news/2008/06/pkgbuild-131-bugfix-release/)
Posted by Laszlo (Laca) Peter 2008-06-23

SFE-devel mailing list

A new mailing was launched for people contributing to the SFE spec file repository. More details here:

Posted by Laszlo (Laca) Peter 2008-06-23

pkgbuild 1.3.0 released

Bugs fixed:

\- fix detecting GNU tar for versions >= 1.15.1.  Patch from
  Mike Bristow.

\- expand macros in the argument of %files -f.  Patch from
  Mike Bristow.

\- do not send build failure emails for DEP\_FAILED specs

\- \[ 1786439 \] Regex characters need quoting

\- \[ 1812491 \] pkgtool with a unresponsive server takes too long

to timeout. Bug report and fix from Ananth Shrinivas S.

\- \[ 1767423 \] pkgtool error when download\_to dir has corrupted file
  Reported by Shiv.... [read more](/p/pkgbuild/news/2008/03/pkgbuild-130-released/)
Posted by Laszlo (Laca) Peter 2008-03-16

pkgbuild irc channel

Join us at irc://

Posted by Laszlo (Laca) Peter 2008-03-16

pkgbuild 1.2.0 released

Changes in this release:

Bugs fixed:

\- fix the bug where "pkgbuild build-only" did not include
  those packages in the depend file that were not installed
  \(reported by Eric Boutilier\)

\- make "pkgtool build-only" look for "BuildRequires" dependencies
  only \(and not "Requires" dependencies\)
  \(reported by Paul Cunningham\)

\- count DEP\_FAILED packages as failed in the exit status of
  pkgtool \(reported by Paul Cunningham\)... [read more](/p/pkgbuild/news/2007/04/pkgbuild-120-released/)
Posted by Laszlo (Laca) Peter 2007-04-01

SFE - spec file repository

SFE is a repository of Solaris (pkgbuild) spec files for various open source projects. It was mostly contributed by community members.

To check out, use

svn co SFE

To browse, try

Posted by Laszlo (Laca) Peter 2006-10-01

pkgbuild 1.1.1 released

Note: pkgbuild 1.1.0 was never publicly released.

Version 1.1.1:

Bugs fixed:

\- fix bug introduced in 1.1.0 where %\{\_topdir\} is not expanded
  in configuration settings like download\_to


\- the %patch macro uses the %\_patch\_options macro \(when defined\)
  to specify additional options; use the %\_patch\_options macro
  to define patch policies like --fuzz=0 or --context

Version 1.1.0:... read more

Posted by Laszlo (Laca) Peter 2006-10-01

pkgbuild-0.9.1 released

This release fixes a couple of minor bugs and
implements %if <expression>

Posted by Laszlo (Laca) Peter 2005-06-30

version 0.9.0 released

The first release of pkgbuild on is now available for download.

Posted by Laszlo (Laca) Peter 2005-01-19

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