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Extremely Minor Release: v2.0.1

I've just uploaded a "new" release. It has no changes to the source code itself. I'd failed to update the copyright years before I released v2.0.0, and didn't bother uploading those changes until today.

Posted by jpw 2012-01-24

Version 2.0.0 Officially Released

I've now been using v1.9.3 for over a year and a half now, with no problems. So, I've decided to bump up the version number to v2.0

A few other changes:

  • Renamed the runner-scriptlets copied to "/etc/cron.weekly" and "/etc/cron.monthly". Some more recent versions of cron refuse to run anything with a "*.sh" suffix.

  • Updated a core package, "". This is my personal Perl library. I consider the copy in the SVN repository for this project an "official release" for anyone to use. So, I try to keep it in sync with my personal copy (to which I regularly make enhancements).

Posted by jpw 2011-04-11

Ver 1.9.3 Uploaded

This contains some minor bugfixes. It takes care of those spurrious warning messages about "exit status 0" when using *.deb based backup.

Posted by jpw 2009-09-19

New Version Uploaded

I've uploaded a release tarball for v1.9.2, which is the latest version, containing *.deb support.

Posted by jpw 2009-09-01

*.deb Support Completed

Last month, I cut over from an .rpm-based distro (Fedora 8) to a .deb-based one (KUbuntu).

This gave me the chance to finally test out the .deb support. I'd completed the bulk of .deb support a couple of years ago. Now, I've ironed out (most) of the kinks.

I'll provide a release tarball soon.

(Also, once I've had it running successfully for a few months on my KUbuntu system, I'll bump up the version number.)

Posted by jpw 2009-09-01

Now at ver 1.0.0

I've decided to bump the version to 1.0.0 and update the status to "Stable". I've also converted the repository from CVS to Subversion (which I did at home a year ago).

Posted by jpw 2006-09-03

pkgBackup Still Alive & Well

...and working nicely on my machines, for 1.5 years.

Usually, when I look at a SourceForge project that hasn't been updated in over a year, I think, "This project's deader than the dodo." In this case, it's more due to stability. I haven't posted a new version because there's been no need.

"pkgBackup" works well and has shown no problems since I last posted here. The only think it lacks is the .deb support. It still only works with .rpm-based systems. So, I once again ask: anyone want to volunteer to write the *.deb-side of this?... read more

Posted by jpw 2006-01-22

Release Candidate 2 for v1.0

I've tweaked slightly the naming scheme for the backup tarballs. Partly, this was to fix a bug (incremental backups overwriting the full backups).

The bugfix I described in an earlier news post is also included in this release.

Give it a try. If you have a spare system that you can use to test the restoration process (I don't), please do so and submit bug reports.

Posted by jpw 2004-07-08

Bugfix to 1.0rc

I found two rather embarassing bugs. I never noticed them because I never did a test of the "--full" option ... which is used by the install-procedure. Oops!

I'll add a new tarball containing the fixes soon. For now, just browse CVS and retrieve the "" script.

Posted by jpw 2004-06-14

Release Candidate for Proto-Stable ver 1.0

"pkgBackup" is a "mature beta"; try it out.

Check the release notes for more info.

Posted by jpw 2004-05-25

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