Category not displaing everything

  • Craig Youngman

    Craig Youngman - 2009-07-01

    I have several records added that I can search and find them in the search tab, but they don't show up in the content tab at all.

    My understanding is that if the keyword has matching text to the Category name then it should show up listed within that category.

    Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug.

    • ALEX PKB

      ALEX PKB - 2009-07-02

      Your understanding is correct. I tried but cannot reproduce it. Can you give me a sample of the knowledge item and the category name you created?
      You can mail the information to

    • Craig Youngman

      Craig Youngman - 2009-07-09

      Did you receive the information? I sent it about a week ago.


    • ALEX PKB

      ALEX PKB - 2009-07-11

      It's caused by the search results limited to max 50. If you have more than 50 results, they will be truncked. I've fixed the problem so that under tree view, you will see all the matching results.
      Under list view, if you have more than 50 results, you can click "More..." option to display more results.
      Also the results are ordered firstly by matching ratio, secondly by subject.
      Those fixes will be in the upcoming release 1.3.0, if you want I can provide a patch jar.

    • ALEX PKB

      ALEX PKB - 2009-07-22

      This problem is fixed in 1.2.5
      Please check for detail.


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