Cannot get service to start on Win XP

  • Allan

    Allan - 2007-09-20

    After running the .msi installer i cannot get the application to start either with the -Control or -Install options. I always receive a message saying the application is incorrectly configured, Reinstalling may fix the problem.

    Any help would be most appreciated.

    • pjs

      pjs - 2007-09-26

      Hey Allan,

      Can you try two things (one at a time):

      1. reinstall the .Net Framework 2.0 and try running the application (you should start it with -Control, -Install tries to install the NT service).

      2. install the Visual Studio 2005 redistributable package (if earlier didn't help) and try to run the app...

      I tried but am not able to reproduce the problem on any of computers I have access to. For sure the application is not working if you don't have .Net framework 2. The redistributable package was suggested by someone else, but I could not try it myself (as not having a PC on which the app does not work).



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