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pjbvfs working!

Well OK, its not crashing actually. Can now get the directory tree of the device contents, and browse through it, needs some tidying up, but its basically there. Its in CVS only, as its not that useful.

Posted by Mark Humphreys 2002-10-06

Full 0.3.2 Release

The latest full release has been unleased on the world! Get downloading and testing!

Posted by Mark Humphreys 2002-02-23

Second Release Candidate!

0.3.2rc2 is released. This has changes to the packaging and build files to allow the relocation of the opensdk files and install of packages.
Drag and drop improvements and some preference changes.

Posted by Mark Humphreys 2002-01-13

pjbsdk RPMS

First cut of RPMs for installing the pjbsdk (3.1.1) have also been released, so that dependancies can be maintained between version.

Posted by Mark Humphreys 2002-01-09

Release Candidate Released

It expands on the features of the 0.2.1 code written by Alex Moseley,
allowing renaming, deletion, and downloading of files from the pjb. It
also has improved drag and drop support, searching, export of the TOC
to XML and HTML, and numerous bug fixes and improvements.

I have also improved the documentation on the website, which can be
found at "http://pjbapplet.sourceforge.net". This now includes updated information, and a start of a FAQ. The website even has a funky little favico of a pjb100!

Posted by Mark Humphreys 2002-01-09

Playlist upload completed

Now has the ability to upload from an m3u playlist file directly.

Posted by Mark Humphreys 2001-11-11