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Pizza now supports multiple encodings

Pizza has been extended to support multiple language encodings via the -encoding option. Thanks to Mahesh Pendyala and Shigeaki Harada for this work.

Posted by Nick Fortescue 2002-12-09

Compatible with 1.4 class files

The Pizza compiler can now be used to compile against Java 1.4 class files, which contain a new version number.

Posted by Nick Fortescue 2001-12-06

Support for strictfp

The Pizza compiler now supports the 'strictfp' modifier for classes and methods.

Posted by Nick Fortescue 2001-12-06

Support for Java 1.4 assert

The Pizza compiler now supports the new Java 1.4 assert statements.
To use assert in the code set the comment line option '-source 1.4'.
If you are working in an older Java environment set the target platform
with '-target 1.3'. Assertions will always be enabled if you don't
target 1.4.

Posted by Nick Fortescue 2001-12-06

Pizza releases version 1.0

Pizza has released version 1.0. This brings pizza up to date with version 1.2 and 1.3 of Java, and allows users just to download a jar to start straight away

Posted by Nick Fortescue 2001-10-01

Pizza compiler is now embeddable

The pizza source code has now been refactored so it can be used from within another java or pizza application as a java/pizza compiler. At the moment this functionality is just in the version in CVS. For details of how to use it like this see EmbeddedTest in the acceptance tests.

Posted by Nick Fortescue 2001-09-19

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