Pixie 2.1.1 is out

Hey Everybody,

Pixie 2.1.1 is out !!!

The new stuff includes:

Added support for:
- Inline RIB archives using ArchiveBegin/ArchiveEnd
* You can go crazy here. Pixie simply dumps the inline archive
into a RIB archive on disk, so there are no limits on the size
or complexity of your inline archives. The conditional execution
also works in these inline archives.

- Conditional execution using IfBegin/ElseIf/Else/EndIf
* We need your help here. Pixie now supports querying
user defined options/attributes as well as options/attributes
defined thru Attribute/Option. Unfortunately,
RenderMan documentation is not exactly clear on the names for
the standard option/attribute names. If you know the names of
standard options/attributes (the x resolution for example), let
us know.

- Named resources using Resource
* You can now create named resources that contain shading state and
restore portions of the shading state using these named resources.

Various optimizations/bug fixes.

Format change for pointcloud/brickmaps to store various renderer info.

Some arbitrary/hardcoded limits removed.


Posted by Okan Arikan 2007-03-28

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