Pixie 2.0.1 is out

Hi Everyone,

If you've been following our progress, you will notice that we didn't make a release since October. But this has not been a vacation for us...

George and I present Pixie 2. The changes from 1.7.6 are so many that I will not even try to enumerate them all.

Here're the important ones:

- Multithreading
Pixie has a new, multi-threaded core. Our implementation is very efficient and scalable.

- Scalable raytracing
We rewrote the entire raytracing pipeline to be more scalable and more accurate. Pixie now uses adaptive multiresolution raytracing using ray differentials. Combined with the raytracing cache, you should be able to use raytracing with complicated scenes.

- Various optimizations bug fixes.
Pixie is now much faster (due to not only multi-threading but also various optimizations we did to the rendering core). It is also much more scalable.


Posted by Okan Arikan 2007-02-11

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