Failed to find out device "file"

  • Pascal Clausen

    Pascal Clausen - 2009-04-02


    I installed Pixie on linux 64bits. I compiled a simple program from the renderman companion with g++ and linked with the libraries: -lri -lpixiecommon  -lsdr -lz -ltiff -ldl -lpthread and got the following warning message:

    /home/pclausen/Programs/Pixie/built/lib/libpixiecommon.a(os.o): In function `osTempname(char const*, char const*, char*)':
    /home/pclausen/Programs/Pixie/download/src/common/os.cpp:302: warning: the use of `mktemp' is dangerous, better use `mkstemp' or `mkdtemp'

    When running the executable I got the following error:

    Failed to find out device "file"
    Error in shader "/home/pclausen/Programs/Pixie/built/shaders/constant.sdr" (0) ("syntax error") (v2.2.5)
    Failed to find shader "constant"

    I am stuck. Can anyone help me?

    • Roine Gustafsson

      The 'syntax error' will go away if you recompile the shaders. They're installed with DOS line endings which currently fails to be read correctly.
      Doing "sdrc *sl" in the shader directory will recompile all shaders.

      If you're not using Pixie from the installed directory you need to set PIXIEHOME to the root directory for it to find displays and shaders etc.

    • Pascal Clausen

      Pascal Clausen - 2009-04-03

      Thank's, the error message for the shader disappeared, but I still get:

      Failed to find out device "file"

      I had the following lines in the bash:

      export PIXIEHOME=/home/pclausen/Programs/Pixie/built
      export PATH=$PATH:$PIXIEHOME/bin

      I tried also by adding  path for displays and shaders, but the error message remains the same. I get also the same error when using rndr on a rib file.

      Would you have any suggestion?

    • Roine Gustafsson

      It seems current SVN actually doesn't read PIXIEHOME.

      Try settings DISPLAYS and SHADERS instead:
      export DISPLAYS=/home/pclausen/Programs/Pixie/built/displays
      export SHADERS=/home/pclausen/Programs/Pixie/built/shaders

    • Pascal Clausen

      Pascal Clausen - 2009-04-08

      I put it in the bash, but I still get the error message. I get also the same error message when using "rndr file.rib" (I can execute rndr from any location, so the path is correct). I checked that PIXIEHOME, DISPLAYS and SHADERS are in the environment.

      Are there some tests I can do to see where the problem is coming from?


    • Roine Gustafsson

      if you do a "ls $DISPLAYS", does it list a ""?

      The best option is to install Pixie by doing a "make install"; then all built-in paths will be correct.


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