I can't start up net rendering on Linux

  • Jack-Jack

    Jack-Jack - 2009-04-15

    Well...after starting Pixie(on Linux host) with command rndr -r 24666 i get message:"Active at". But net scanning show that Pixie use(send and listen) Under Windows Pixie use and net scanning show that net messages come to Linux host. Luxrender on the same port and IP addresses work good(i use it to check out net rendering capability). I get confused.

    • Natacha

      Natacha - 2009-04-15

      On my FreeBSD host where I compiled from source pixie 2.2.5, I don't have that issue.

      rndr -r 24666 says it's active on my main IP, but actually it's supposed to be listening to every IPv4 on every interface (line 489 of rndr.cpp), and indeed I can connect with it either through the loopback or through the network interface (from a distant computer).

      I don't know what kind of net scanner you are using, but from the source it's normal that pixie listens on, and maybe your scan is missing that pixie also listens on other interfaces.

    • Jack-Jack

      Jack-Jack - 2009-04-15

      I use Wireshark. Scanner run under Linux( On the Window host( i type "rndr -k". Scanner capture packets on eth0 from The same command on Linux host "rndr -k" - and eth0 is clean. All messages are registering on

    • Jack-Jack

      Jack-Jack - 2009-04-23

      I give up. Exactly just right now i've tested net rendering with Indigo - it's work. May be i must recompile Pixie with some mysthical power switch? something like "make --please-give-me-net-rendering"? Please, some Linux net guru say something.


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