sdrc nested includes

  • Eric Hochhalter

    Eric Hochhalter - 2009-07-23

    Does sdrc support nested includes where an included .h file also contains a #include command?
    Whenever I try to do so I receive the message "unable to open include file: h"

    My current work-around is to make sure that all #include commands are issued explicitly in the .sl file being compiled.

    I use sdrc v2.2.4 with the "-I" flag to the directory that contains all of my various .h include files.

  • Eric Hochhalter

    Eric Hochhalter - 2009-10-12

    After investigating this a bit more I found that my calls to sdrc were getting truncated somewhere around 250-255 characters. My file paths were long, and sdrc seemed not to pickup environment variables $PATH or $INCLUDES, so I had to write the include path explicitly each time. In addition, the -I flag only ever worked in conjunction with the explicit -o output path flag, so that pretty much doubled the length of each command string.

    I was able to "fix" all this by ensuring that my paths to include and sl files are very short, so altogether the whole command is less than 250 characters.

    A better solution will be a patch to sdrc to allow for longer command strings. But I have not taken the time to do so yet. sdrc may also have some bugs with environment variables that need to be addressed as well…


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