trouble compiling trunk

  • hello I wanted to compile the sources
    on my linux machine so I could view point clouds
    with show

    I know this is probably  a problem with my version of gcc
    which is version 4.1.2

    anyway this is the error I get and it is only split seconds after
    I invoke make

    algebra.h: In function 'float isqrtf(float)':
    algebra.h:155: error: expected initializer before 'i'
    algebra.h:164: error: 'i' was not declared in this scope
    make[3]: *** [algebra.lo] Error 1

    any ideas?

    by the way great job on the latest version of pixie
    it has reawakened my interest tremendously

    • Okan Arikan
      Okan Arikan

         Hi Bill,

         OK, I know where the problem is.

         If you want a quick&dirty solution, try moving

      #ifndef sqrtf
      #define    sqrtf    (float) sqrt

        after line 164.

        This will be fixed in the next release.


    • wow that was fast thanks Okan.

      I saw you fixed it in svn so I updated my trunk

      compiled fine.

      thanks a bunch