Segfault on x86_64

  • kidb_nug

    kidb_nug - 2009-01-31

    I compiled pixie under x86_64 linux. When I try to render the standard Blender scene from ribmosaic, pixie segfaults[1].


    When I change the blender lamp to area,sun,hemi or else it works. Pixie, Blender, Mosaic work fine in 32bit environment.

    With kind regards

    [New Thread 0x7fb2cfea16f0 (LWP 18582)]
    [New Thread 0x41b9c950 (LWP 18585)]
    [New Thread 0x409c0950 (LWP 18586)]
    [New Thread 0x4239d950 (LWP 18587)]
    [New Thread 0x411c1950 (LWP 18588)]
    [New Thread 0x42b9e950 (LWP 18589)]

    Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
    [Switching to Thread 0x409c0950 (LWP 18586)]
    0x00007fb2cde38a90 in strcmp () from /lib/
    (gdb) bt
    #0  0x00007fb2cde38a90 in strcmp () from /lib/
    #1  0x00007fb2cf60a5f7 in CShadingContext::execute (this=0x1394700,
        cInstance=0x148afc0, locals=<value optimized out>) at scriptOpcodes.h:352
    #2  0x00007fb2cf62b743 in CShadingContext::execute (this=0x1394700,
        cInstance=0x1493290, locals=<value optimized out>) at shaderFunctions.h:825
    #3  0x00007fb2cf738840 in CShadingContext::shade (this=0x1394700, object=0x90,
        uVertices=<value optimized out>, vVertices=9, dim=SHADING_2D_GRID,
        usedParameters=4007544947, displaceOnly=0) at shading.cpp:1079
    #4  0x00007fb2cf719adb in CReyes::shadeGrid (this=0x1394700, grid=0x15ec330,
        Ponly=0) at reyes.cpp:1045
    #5  0x00007fb2cf752085 in CStochastic::drawQuadGridZminUnshaded (
        this=0x1394700, grid=0x15ec330) at stochasticQuad.h:617
    #6  0x00007fb2cf718671 in CReyes::render (this=0x1394700) at reyes.cpp:373
    #7  0x00007fb2cf719042 in CReyes::renderingLoop (this=0x1394700)
        at reyes.cpp:308
    #8  0x00007fb2cf6ed5a8 in rendererDispatchThread (w=<value optimized out>)
        at renderer.cpp:1107
    #9  0x00007fb2ceac1fc7 in start_thread () from /lib/
    #10 0x00007fb2cde8d5ad in clone () from /lib/
    #11 0x0000000000000000 in ?? ()

    • Natacha

      Natacha - 2009-02-01

      I confirm this bug on my 64-bit FreeBSD, with a very similar backtrace (same calls on frames 0 to 8 inclusive). I haven't found anything more with a quick investigation. I won't time to explore this deeper in the next few days, but after that I check it more thoroughly, if a fix has not already been found by then.


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