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cannot run sdrc on Windows

  • PhilB

    PhilB - 2010-12-13

    Hello all,
    I'm a wannabe shader writer and I try to use sdrc (Pixie win 2.2.6) on Windows Vista.
    I get the following error message
    "the application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect…"
    Can you guys help me to solve this problem ?

  • PhilB

    PhilB - 2010-12-14

    In case anyone is interested…
    I've installed Pixie 2.2.5 in place of ver 2.2.6 and sdrc is running fine.

  • Richard Layman

    Richard Layman - 2010-12-15

    Sorry, but I don't have a windows system to test this problem on. When I was using windows before I used to have these odd issues too and then I switched to Linux and they went away. I think most the people here use Linux too, but that's only a guess. I know the developer uses Linux but I'm not sure how much testing is done on the cross compiled versions.

    Just didn't want you to think that you were talking to yourself.

  • PhilB

    PhilB - 2010-12-24

    thanks :). Glad to see I'm not by myself out there…

  • PhilB

    PhilB - 2011-01-02

    Thanks! I've downloaded and installed and sdrc works great.
    Happy new year.


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