Cannot compile code (missing classes?)

  • writhe

    writhe - 2007-09-27

    I'm trying to compile Pixie from source (from the latest Subversion revision, 1010) but there seem to be a few missing bits of code (e.g. the CCache and CTriangle classes are missing).

    I've done some digging in the Subversion repository and it looks as though the CCache code was removed in revision 714 (the src/ri/cache.{h,cpp} files were deleted).

    Which set of code are people making binaries from?

    • George Harker

      George Harker - 2007-09-27

      Hi there,

      You almost certainly have to do an autoreconf -i from svn.  The files should not be referenced anywhere any more (except perhaps in the autoconf stuff, until you remake them).  We're moving away from checking in things that can be autoregenerated.



      • writhe

        writhe - 2007-09-30

        Figured it out: I was making a new Xcode project and was blindly including all the files in the ‘src/ri’ directory.

        The problem is that the ‘src/ri/radiance.{h,cpp}’ files are present in the latest Subversion revision but not used by the current code. These files refer to the old CTriangle and CCache classes which have since been removed.

        There are also some forward references to CTriangle in the current ‘src/ri/renderer.h’ and ‘src/ri/shading.h’ code which should also be removed.

        • Okan Arikan

          Okan Arikan - 2007-09-30

             Hi Writhe,

             Yes, radiance.[h/cpp] containts the implementation of irradiance decomposition (, however we phased this code in favor of the new point based gi/occlusion. However we still continue to keep this code around just in case people are interested in how this method works.

             Our new point base gi/occlusion is not as powerful as radiance caching yet, but it is more compatible with the latest industry solutions.

             I will check the CTriangle references.

             Thanks for the input.

             PS: Notice that the svn trunk already has an XCode project set up for pixie.



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