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  • michel girault

    michel girault - 2008-06-29

    i'm pretty new user of pixie and im trying to understand how GI in pixie is working.
    I tried the tutorial but i have this error:

    "trace is not declared"

    thank you

    • AKHmetgaleev ILdar

      This is realy basic thing.
      You should define variable trace before using it.
      I realy don't know which variable you are using and where you should define it. Just not enough information about your concrete case.

      please read some basic turorials and documentations or even books about renderman interface
      And pleas grab RenderMan Interface Specification

    • James Hamlin

      James Hamlin - 2009-02-26

      I'm getting similar errors on the example files. There's an offending line (13) in Ambient_occ.rib from the examples on the wiki that reads:
      Attribute "visibility" "trace" 1  # make objects visible to eye
      The error is:
      ./Ambient_occ.rib (13): Parameter "trace" is not declared

      If I change it to "int trace" to match the description of this attribute on the wiki, I get the error:
      ./Ambient_occ.rib (13): Unknown visibility attribute: "trace"

      The result is an image of all-white pixels. I think it's especially important that example files work without modification, because they are a learning tool just as the documentation is.

    • Roine Gustafsson

      The documentation hasn't been updated in a while. Pixie 2.2.3 implemented the PRMan 11 syntax,

      Attribute "visibility" "trace" [1]

      but in PRMan 13 it's changed to

      Attribute "visibility" "specular" [1]
      Attribute "visibility" "diffuse" [1]

      and Okan changed Pixie 2.2.4 to use this syntax. Unfortunately, there's a lot of  RIBs 'out there' which uses the older PRMan 11 "trace" syntax. There's a similar issue with

      Attribute "visibility" "transmission" "opaque"

      which should now be written as

      Attribute "visibility" "transmission" [1]

      I've made a patch to Pixie to accept both syntaxes with a warning for the older PRMan 11 syntax. You either need to edit the RIB or patch Pixie to accept both the older and newer syntaxes.
      In Ambient_occ.rib, you need to change line 13 to

      Attribute "visibility" "diffuse" [1]

      to get it to render correctly.

      • James Hamlin

        James Hamlin - 2009-02-26

        Thanks! I'll update the examples on the wiki that I had difficulties with when I've the time (provided I have the permissions when I register).


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