Compiling Pixie in Visual Studio 2008

  • Aaron

    Aaron - 2009-05-12

    I am having problems when trying to compile pixie from source in visual studio. The installation page says that flex or bison and libtiff are required, but I am a novice user when it comes to these things and I don't know exactly which version of them, or whether the source or binaries are required, where to put them/what needs to be done to install them for pixie and how to set up the relevant paths in visual studio.

    I have downloaded lib tiff and added C:\Apps\GnuWin32\src\tiff\3.8.2\tiff-3.8.2-src\libtiff to the include directories under tools->options->projects and solutions->vc++ directories but it doesnt seem to make any difference.

    When trying to build in visual studio the errors I am getting are:

    Error    2    error PRJ0019: A tool returned an error code from "Performing Custom Build Step" for sdr,sdrc, sdrc2, ri

    Error    5    fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file 'ri.lib' for rndr, texmake

    Error    1    fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'png.h': No such file or directory    c:\users\aaron\desktop\uni\new folder\pixie\src\file\file_png.h    37

    Error    4    fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file 'sdr.lib'    sdrinfo

    If anyone could provide a simple set of steps for me to follow that would be much appreciated as I am making no progress trying to figure this out on my own.

    • romgen

      romgen - 2009-07-21

      I am about to compile a win64 version of pixie (already got rndr.exe)

      It's quite hard: you need to edit the project settings to find flex.exe and bison.exe. You should read the .txt for more information about that.

      you also need to put the include folder for each project (include + libs) for libtiff.

      Works here, after doing that. But yeah., compiling pixie on windows is only for advanced users.

  • Tomasz Pszon

    Tomasz Pszon - 2009-09-23

    to compile pixie on windows you need to downlod and install (at least at my winxp sp3)

    1. tiff-3.8.2-1.exe
    2. jpeg-6b-4.exe
    3. flex-2.5.4a-1.exe
    4. bison-2.4.1-setup.exe
    5. libpng-1.2.37-setup.exe
    6. zlib-1.2.3.exe

    You can get them here:
    they include header files.
    Then you need to set up Visual studio Tools -> Options -> Project and Solutions -> VC++ directories:  for exe choose bin folder , for include include, for library lib of your Gnuwin32 instalation directory (best is root C:/gnuwin32 ; don't use long names folders like Program files, My documents etc)
    I couldn't make fltk to work so i disabled building of gui and show in Batch build menu.
    After successful build you need to run  makeinstal.bat and then to copy to your new Pixie folder dlls: jpeg62,libpng12,libtif3,zlib1, libmmd (best worked  for me from old version of installed pixie 226; libtif3 and zlib1 from gnuwin32 gave me errors running rndr)


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