How to close the framebuffer window?

  • MM

    MM - 2007-08-04

    To have sss effect I need to run 3 steps.
    Initially I've used an unique rib with 3frames, but it seem Pixie has some problems (I must investigate before post here, but it crash). Using 3 separate rib, calling each one separately Pixie work fine:

    Now MakeHuman call them separately, but the user must close, by hand, each framebuffer, to proceed to next step.
    Exist a rib command to close framebuffer?



    • Okan Arikan

      Okan Arikan - 2007-08-04

         Hi Manuel,

         Your rendering looks great,

         Do you have a RIB file that crashes? A crash is usually very easy to fix as soon as replicate it.



      • MM

        MM - 2007-08-04

        Thanks. Unfortunately the crash was (now we have changed makehuman code, to call ribs separately, and it seem to work) random.
        When I talk about "investigate the bug" I mean reproduce it, to send you a valid file to debug, and save your time.

        But the bug was very strange. Example:

        I've two PC: A and B. I use last Pixie. Both the PCs has winXP.
        On pc A, Makehuman write the multiframe rib, and call rndr to render it. Pixie crash.
        Ok, I go in rib folder, to call directly rndr. It crash. Perfect: I've the file to send you.
        But, before send you the zip, I try it on pc B: it work fine :-(
        Ok..I think it's a problem not related to Pixie, but related to pc A.

        So I install makehuman on pc B, and try to render..after a couples of good results, it crash again.
        Close makehuman, go in ribs folder, launch it directly from console. Crash again.
        But...trying the file on pc A: it work :-(

        So I can't reproduce the bug. :-(
        Anyeay, if you have time to take a quick look:



        PS: The rendering look great because Pixie is great! Anyway they are only a quick will see next...;-)


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