Artefact on surface with Maya 8 and 1.7.5

  • Emmanuel Mouillet

    Hi !

    I've some strange artefacts on my Poly surface with Pixie 1.7.5. Here is a photo of the problem

    if you got any idea to solve this please let me know.



    • George Harker

      George Harker - 2007-02-26

      Hi Emmanuel

      That's really odd.  I can't recreate this.

      Did you try 2.0.2 yet?  For rendering using liquidmaya to the maya renderview, you might need to compile the latest liqMayaDisplayDriverPixie from liquid's svn (rendering to file or framebuffer should be fine without any updates).

      Are you shaders standard ones or custom assigned?

      Is there any chance you could post the RIB / shdaers or the maya scene?  You can mail it direct if you'd prefer.



    • Emmanuel Mouillet

      Hi George ! Thanks for your support !

      Well i try to avoid the time consuming and hard Task of learning how to Compile my own Liquid release. That's why i use 1.7.5, Cedric paille give me a liquid release that work with maya 8 and the 1.7.5. I'm bothering him for compiling a new one , but he is very busy !

      So the better way is to learn How to compile it by myself, but the how to is not very easy to understand!

      George i need ta compile a liquid release for Maya 8 and Pixie 2.0.2 ! i have both Fedora and XP install, so what is the easiest way ? is it hard to compile liquid or pretty easy ? i've got this tutorial can you confirm that the process is still the same .



    • Emmanuel Mouillet

      This Pixie software is gonna kill me !

      just a quick best of :)

      Top 1
      // ?
      Error: [liqMayaRenderView] Cound't get node :-l. There might be multiple nodes called -l

      // with a time - out limit of 200 in my liquid pref
      Top 2
      Error: [liqMayaRenderView] timeout reached, display driver didn't respond in time. Aborting

      // with a shader metal.sdr in input
      Warning: [liquid] Shaders must end with

      i've try 1.7.1, .2 ,.3 ,.4 ,.5,.6 => Same Error

      i use :
      - Liquid 1.8
      - Maya 7
      - XP SP2
      - All 1.7.* Pixie

      My problem is is that i don't know where the problem come from ?
      - from my own incompetecy
      - from a Pixie BUG
      - from a liquid BUG

      well ! Tired of all this stuff . think i'm gonna go back with mayaman !

    • Emmanuel Mouillet

      Don't want to be rude with you Okan ! You did a great jobs and i think my problem is  that i'm not an engineer ...

      • Okan Arikan

        Okan Arikan - 2007-02-27

           This seems to be a Liquid problem.

           I would like to have a robust Maya - Liquid - Pixie pipeline as well. The Maya scene that is creating the problem always helps.


    • Emmanuel Mouillet

      Well i will do my best to help , this Maya-Liquid-Pixie workflow becoming a reality ! I'm a currently creating a website call openrender , dedicated to Shaderman-Liquid-Pixie connected with Maya. I'm tired of loosing my time trying to fix problems because during this time , i could have created great Mental Ray image ! But i want to learn this damn Renderman , so ...

      i send you a link to the futur interface ! i think it will take one or two month for building the site ! and i hope this will be the place where ARTIST and NOT ONLY engineer could learn and use Renderman !



      Ps : sory Okan but the image was rendered with Mental Ray ! as soon as i have 2.0.2 working with liquid i'll try to get the same result !

    • yin-x

      yin-x - 2007-03-06

      I believe it's a bug in Pixie 1.7.5, because I used to have the same problem when rendering models from Maya 7 using Pixie 1.7.6 and 1.7.5. However, this problem didn't pop up with 1.7.4 and 2.0.2.




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