RIB Parse error on subdivision surfaces

fro lee
  • fro lee

    fro lee - 2007-03-04

    Using Pixie 2.0.2, I am getting a rib parse error when I render subdivision surfaces exported from Liquid.  I am using Liquid 1.8b23 on a PPC mac. The same scene renders on Pixie 1.7.6.  I do have the latest version of libtiff from the unstable branch of fink (libtiff 3.8.2-1001).

    Here is a sample file of a scene that produces the error for me.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    - Fro

    • Nicholas Yue

      Nicholas Yue - 2007-03-04


      From looking at the RIB itself, the tags looks suspicious with empty "[]", if these are generated via a RIB client library, then the RIB client library should be investigated further.

      Since you are using facevarying texture coordinate, just double check that the number of "st" pairs match up to the vertices count.

      * RIB renders fine with PRMan 13.0.3 with a whinge about the tags
      * RIB renders fine with 3Delight 6.5 with a whinge about the facevarying st

      My test were done on WindowsXP.



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