network rendering?

  • Dexter Allen

    Dexter Allen - 2004-10-18

    I can't figure out how to launch a network render and was hoping someone could help me out.

    The server side launches fine with "rndr -r" and I can telnet on that port from the client to the server (and end the server with random input).

    However, I think I'm missing something really basic when launching the client process.  Trying:

    rndr test1.rib -s

    returns immediately, with no error output.  And

    rndr -s test1.rib

    just runs the render on the local machine, presumably "-s" is being interpretted as Silent mode.

    None of these have any visible effect on the sever process (though I haven't gotten around to looking at network traffic).

    "rndr test1.rib" works fine running locally on either machine.  I've tried running the sever in an empty (but fully writable) directory, as well as in a dir with identical rib and sdr files.  I've also tried with and without displaying to the framebuffer.

    Both client and server are XP machines, running v1.3.21 (as shown by "rndr --help").

    Any help or pointers most appreciated, and many thanks to those working on Pixie, this is wonderful stuff.

    • Okan Arikan

      Okan Arikan - 2004-10-18

        Hi Dexter,

        You are right, the command line option for the silent mode and the list of servers conflict. I will fix this and upload 1.3.22 this week.



    • Dexter Allen

      Dexter Allen - 2004-10-18

      That's great, and thanks for the super-fast reply!


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