Lightmapper using pixie

  • naas

    naas - 2008-05-23


    I'm currently working on a lightmapping tool. I want to use pixie as the core of the tool because it seems to be a great raytracer. The editor i'm builing the plugin for has to translate the geometry and lights from its scene to pixie. This is where i get stuck.

    What would be the best way to translate the geometry. Should i generate a .rib file and just pass it to pixie. Or should i put the geometry etc directly to pixies datasturctures. And how would this converting work. Can pixie work without the whole renderman interface? If so, could you send me in the right direction by telling me how to add geometry and lights etc?

    thanks in advance,


    • Moritz Moeller

      Moritz Moeller - 2008-05-23

      You can use the RenderMan interface's C binding. No need for using a RIB with Pixie. This means you don't need to modify any of Pixie's internal workings and you don't need to create a RIB file (thereby redudantly wrting the data out to disk and having Pixie read it back in again).

      Every RIB call has an equivalent in C. Check the RenderMan interface documentation or the ri.h header for the declarations.
      To send data directly to the renderer (instead of having it create a RIB file), just call RiBegin(NULL).

      If you need any help or exmaple code, let me know.



      • naas

        naas - 2008-05-23

        Thanks for the rely.
        A small example would be really nice! It will help me getting started. I'm a slow starter:)



    • naas

      naas - 2008-05-26

      Its working fine now.. Thanks!


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